Sizing Down on Square Footage for Scissors Salon

Sizing Down on Square Footage for Scissors Salon

Scissors Salon was having a tough job re-locating to a new space that was a quarter of their previous salon’s size. With less than 500 square feet to work with and many functional requirements, the space  needed to feel large and be able to handle their high traffic clientele. Finishing the design on a short timeline and minimal budget made for creative design decisions that created a welcoming and spacious atmosphere. We worked with PHW Homes to help us bring our vision into reality.

Salon Stations


Scissors wanted enough chairs in this small space to ensure they could accommodate their bustling schedule and clients. With the addition of four chairs and a concealed washing station, each area feels spacious and grounded. The removal of the existing ceiling tiles opened up the space and made space for the installation of custom feature panels that continue up and out from each station. These panels also allow for lighting to be installed closer to the ground, evenly distributing light.


Flooring: Harbinger

View to outside


Product display was added near the front windows and was finished in the same materials as the custom panels creating a consistent and well branded palette. Instead of using the existing black tile for the floor, we installed affordable and durable vinyl planks in a chevron pattern over top of the existing floor to create the illusion of a larger space on a tighter budget and timeline.



The bathroom is located in the back of the space and was updated with the addition of wall tiles, a new vanity, and wallpaper. The finishes tie in the consistency of the same burgundy branding colour used throughout the rest of the salon. A larger and rectilinear mirror was utilized as a tool to open up this relatively small bathroom.


Wall Tile:  Tierra Sol

Vanity: Custom, by EM’s Dream Home

Wall Sconce: Wayfair

Back Wall


The washroom door was relocated so that the wash station could utilize the “nook” space. This also allowed for the addition of the feature wall in the center of the salon. The wall now acts as an area for the company’s signage and brand colours, creating a central focal point within the space.


Signage by: Endeavor Neon


Scissors Floor Plan Before


Scissors Floor Plan After

Sketchup Rendering